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About Al Batinah Development & Investment Holding Co.

Welcome Statement

Al Batinah Development & Investment Holding Co. SAOG (ABDIH) was promoted and established in the year 1997 with the prime objective of contributing to the development of the manufacturing, tourism, real estate and services industries of the Sultanate of Oman with particular emphasis on the Batinah region. The company, with the blessings of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, has been instrumental in promoting investments in sectors such as packaging, real estate, shipping, quarrying and retailing. The company has promoted and nurtured the following companies:

  • National Cans & Packing Industry LLC
  • Al Batna Quarries LLC
  • Oman Sayyarat International SAOC
  • Oman Development Company SAOC
  • Al Batinah Real Estate Development LLC
  • Hotel Management Co. LLC
  • Al Batinah Shipping LLC


We welcome local and international investors to contact us for any business collaboration

Company Profile

Who are we?
We are a public share holding company that’s listed in Muscat Security Market with authorized shared capital of R.O. 20 million and a paid up capital of RO 6 million distributed among 60 million shares of R.O. 0.100 each. The company has completed recently a capital increase and planning for further capital increase in the future.

The company contributes actively in supporting Oman economy, concentrating it’s effort through the coming stage in Al Batinah region specially. The company is directed by a professional Board experienced in investment, trade and business development, supported by a cohesive executive management team.

ABDIH operates currently in multiple sectors such as manufacturing (National Cans & Packing Industry LLC), mining and quarrying (Al Batinah Quarries LLC), education (Mazoon College SAOC), real estate development (Oman Development Co. SAOC & Al Batinah Real Estate Development LLC), trade and services (Oman International Sayyarat SAOC & Al Batna Shipping, Freight and Customs Clearance LLC) and securities investment. Our Group assets are located in Muscat and Sohar.

Partners in Excellence

Lawyers & legal Consultants Office

  • legal Advisor:Issa Al Sabbagh


  • Oman Arab Bank
  • Bank Muscat
  • Bank Sohar

Company Auditors:

  • Usamah Tabbarah & Co


To be the most diversified, reputable and profitable investment house in Oman and create investment options that every other investor wants to be part of.

Mission Statment

To excel in conceiving and developing unique and exciting projects in the sectors of real estate, manufacturing, tourism, mining, retail and services with the aim of maximizing returns to shareholders, while creating an atmosphere of harmony and healthy competition in the workplace thereby enhancing overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Corporate Values

These are the values that inform and inspire all of our activities, and distinguish us as a company. Our key behaviours are:

  • Live the company values;
  • Focus on operating excellence;
  • Act with speed;
  • Communicate openly; and
  • Collaborate across the company.

Chairman’s Message

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2010. As you are all aware, 2009 was the aftermath of a severe global economic meltdown, wherein there were major declines in investments in the stock market and real estate sector. This had an adverse impact on the performance results of many investment companies and our company too was not left unscathed. This is a learning lessons for us and we are looking forward to an exciting era of sustained growth.

We recognize the tourism sector as the shining star in the economic development and have drawn up plans to invest heavily in it. With the support of like-minded entrepreneurs/ investors, we feel that we can outpace the growth in this sector.

We have invested in the quarry industry, which is engaged in the mining and crushing of gabbro rock into aggregates – a basic raw material for the infrastructure industry. We recognize the potential of this industry in light of the 5-year plans of the nation to expand and improve the road infrastructure as also the national plans of linking the GCC nations by a rail network. We have already drawn up plans to expand the operations of our subsidiary and would be soon inviting investment into the project.

The real estate sector has undergone a significant downturn over the last 2 years and has today attained levels that we consider are sustainable. With Oman being one of the fastest-growing economies in the region, there exists a good scope for the real estate sector and we are poised to make a few high value-added proposals for this sector.
We have made a few investments in sound businesses that we have nurtured and brought up to a level where they are self-sustaining and profitable. We are looking forward to joining hands with investors to achieve development/ expansion plans that we have drawn up for these businesses.

As a responsible corporate Citizen, we remain committed to sustaining and adding value to the society, the environment and the economy. We are committed to pursuing a policy of appointing qualified Omani personnel and developing the necessary programs to refine the skills of other employees and enhance their professional levels. The percentage of Omanisation in the parent company reached 75% during 2009 and the total number of employees in the Group was approximately 138 with an Omanisation percentage of 43%. Omanis are working in various hierarchical levels within the group.

The company is committed to implementing a code of corporate governance issued by the Capital Market Authority. It remains committed to the utmost standards of transparency in the disclosure to shareholders.

I look forward to an exciting 2010 with the entire Al Batinah team working together in dedication and integrity, and I am confident of our success in achieving our strategic objectives and surpassing the expectations of our stakeholders.
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings,

Ali Bin Abdullah Al Badi

Board Members

The Board of Directors consists of nine independent and nonexecutive members in compliance with article 3 of the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the CMA. All the members on board have rich and varied business and investment experience.

Board of Directors form

Member Name    Membership Representing
Mr. Ali Abdullah Al Badi Chairman Himself
Mr. Nasser bin Ahmed Al Huqani Deputy First National LLC
Mr. Salah Helal AL Mawali      Member Himself
Mr. Nasser Said Al Harthi Member Himself
Mr. Khalfan Salim Al Kaabi Member Himself
Mr. Jalal Ismail   Member Al Onaizy Group Co.
Mr. Mshari Yasin Al Onaizy   Member Himself
Mr. Waseem Salah Abd Qaraeen Member Himself

Board Members brief

Mr. Ali Abdullah Al Badi
Mr. Ali is Board Chairman. He is one of the well known businessmen in Oman and Chairman of Al Badi Trade & Construction Est. He holds a diploma in Business Administration. He has thirty five years of experience in different investment sectors.
Mr. Nasser Ahmed Al Huqani
Mr. Nasser is Deputy Chairman and Chief of the Executive Committee. He is a well-known businessman in Oman and has an experience of thirty years in leading construction, quarry companies. He also has experience in industry and financing business.
Mr. Salah Helal Al Mawali
Mr. Salah - Board Member and Chief of Audit Committee is Director General of Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Ministry of Commerce & Industry. He holds a Master’s degree in International Business Administration. He has fourteen years of experience in investment, business and industry.
Mr. Nasser Said Al Harthi
Mr. Nasser is a Board & Executive Committee member. He holds a diploma in police and legal science. He is working now in Royal Oman Police. (No. of years)
Mr. Khalfan Salim Al Kaabi
Mr. Khalfan is a Board and Audit Committee Member. He is Board Chairman of Al Kaabi Co.. He holds a diploma in Management and has thirty years of experience in different sectors.
Mr. Galal Hassan Ismail
He is a director in the board since 18/12/2011.He holds a bachelor degree in accounting. He has 30 years experience in financial management and investment of local and international, financial analysis and evaluation of a company and feasibility studies. He is working as Investment Manager in Al Jowan & Al Onaizi Group Companies.
Mr. Mshari Yasin Al Onaizi
Mr. Mshari is a Board and Executive committee member. He holds a master’s degree in strategic entrepreneurship, a Project Management Professional certificate and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He has 5 years experience in real estate, investment and financial analysis. 
Mr. Waseem Salah Abd Qaraeen
Mr. Waseem is board, audit committee and investment committee member. He holds a bachelor degree in accounting. He has 10 years experience in external & internal auditing, and investment in securities. Now he is working as Investment banking Manager in Global First Financial Services LLC.

Major Shareholders

Nationality Shareholders type Name
First National LLC Legal Entity Omani
Yasin Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Onaizi Personal Saudi
Yaqoob Yousif Mohammed Al Joan Personal Kuwaiti
Sulieman Ahmed Said Al Hoqani Personal Omani
Global Omani Investment Company SAOC Legal Entity Omani
Al Onaizi Trade & Construction Group Legal Entity Kuwaiti
Ali Abdullah Ali Al Badi Personal Omani

As on 31st March 2010 To be updated every quarter

Top Management Team

Top Management Team brief:
The Executive Management Team is working efficiently in a professional, stable environment and has derived the support and confidence of the Board of Directors and shareholders. The Executive Management is confident in its ability to understand and assess the investment opportunities available and continue to achieve the objectives of the company. The Executive Management believes that the Board of Directors will continue to grant full support to it to achieve these goals.

Mr. Udayan Gupta – Business Development Manager
Udayan is an engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and also has a certificate in Business Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK. He has over 25 years of experience in areas of production, sales, project finance, corporate planning, joint venture negotiations and strategic investments. Udayan has held key positions in leading business houses, multinational corporations and banks during his employment in India and Oman. Udayan joined Al Batinah in June 2005 and is responsible for business development of the holding company and strategic investments of all its subsidiaries.

Mr. Gamal AbdulAziz Haggag – Account Manager
Gamal holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Legal Accounting Certificate (ACPA) from Arabian Center for Legal Accounting. He has 20 years of experience in accounting, financial analysis & auditing. He used to work as an Auditor manager in Talal Abu Ghazala Co.      

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