Investment Philosophy


We are working according to an approved long-term strategy on which the objectives of the various departments are based. It is the role of the managers to ensure that every department follows its objectives and meets its tasks and targets. The management team is also geared to studying any new promising project that may come under contention during the year thus reflecting the dynamism of the company’s strategy. The management team is well-qualified and has wide experience in diverse areas of business such as manufacturing, mining, real estate management, services, etc.. The company is open to diversify in any sector based upon the risk-return strategy adopted by it.


The company’s objectives are to:

  • Manage Subsidiary companies or contribute to the management of other companies.
  • Set up, contribute & establish companies and commercial establishments in foodstuff sector, retail sector, export & import.
  • Invest in commercial, industrial, tourism, service, production and marketing sectors.
  • Conduct research and feasibility studies with a view to investing in and/ or syndicating among investor groups, projects that would help in achieving the company’s goals.

Investment opportunities

Our current investment portfolio is designed to attract investors to either invest along with us in those projects or to seek consultancy/ avenues for investment in different sectors such as:

  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Communication
  • Electricity
  • Mining
  • Ports and shipping
  • Manufacturing


Investing in Oman

Oman has a liberal economy and over the years had succeeded in boosting its own potential as well as its ability to respond to developments in the region and beyond.

While encouraging the private sector and seeking to provide the best investment climate for attracting domestic and foreign investment, the Sultanate is determined to ensure that investors are well served with high quality services that comply with international standards and expectations.

At the same time, active steps are being taken to implement the policy of privatization and open up different sectors such as electricity, tourism, ports and shipping, communication, manufacturing to increase foreign investment as well as private sector participation.

Our company is one such private sector initiative aimed at promoting a wide range of industry in Oman and, in particular, the Batinah region. We are engaged in promoting and syndicating projects in manufacturing, tourism, education, healthcare, services and real estate development and invite local and international investors to participate along with us in promoting new projects and/ or expanding/ diversifying into allied sectors.

Local and foreign investors can also obtain feedback from Government bodies like the Omani Center for Investment Promotion & Export Development (OCIPED).

More information about investing in Oman:

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